Memorial Page

This page is dedicated to the members of COTLG that have entered into eternal rest.  We invite you to share your memories below.


10 thoughts on “Memorial Page

  1. We remember Bro. Rudy Ross. He was a kind gentleman and a unique dresser! He always put a smile on our faces when he was around.


  2. We remember Minister Deborah Wilson. When she entered a room you knew it. (smile) Min. Deborah was a caring person that kept us all close to God in prayer. She will be missed. Lydia


  3. Elder “Grandmother” Woodgett will be greatly missed. She was a great woman of God and I am glad to have known her and to be accepted as one of many grandchildren. I love you Grandmother…Rest in Peace. Min. Lydia


  4. The Saints that have found their rest in the Lord, we miss all of them. Each one added something to the ministry, but we know that God had an appointed time for them to be with Him, RIP…….


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